Home Remodeling Services

Home Remodeling

Home remodeling is a major investment in any property. If you’re looking to update the appearance of your home, trust the team at J & J Construction and Roofing. We offer full service home improvements from concept to completion. J & J Construction and Roofing is a full-service, residential and commercial general contracting company based in Aubrey, TX and serving the entire North Texas area. We are fully licensed and insured to protect your investment. We specialize in remodeling that gives your home the custom look you desire.

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is simple: we will not do anything to a customer’s home remodeling project we would not do in our own home. In order to provide you the most accurate estimates possible, we first perform an onsite evaluation. After the initial onsite evaluation, we will provide you a detailed written estimate outlining the full scope of your home remodeling project, including pricing estimates for labor and materials, as well as references. We offer an array of services to assist you with you each step of your project. This full-service approach allows us to provide you a seamless transition from design and planning to execution

Single Source Delivery - Why is it important to you?


It means taking the complicated processes of design and construction along with all of the disciplines required to achieve a finished product and combining it under an umbrella of responsibility, a management team, that answers directly to you, the client. This process is known as Design / Build. It is important to you because design and construction are worlds unto themselves, each with language and rules that require fluency and experience to successfully negotiate a path from start to finish.


When you work with J & J Construction and Roofing on a home remodeling project, you’ll have a world of options from which to choose. From smaller renovations to complete overhauls, we have the tools and experience to handle it all. No matter the size or scope of your remodeling project, we’ll take the time to understand your needs and work to come up with creative, cost-effective solutions for transforming your home. We would appreciate the opportunity to talk with you about any building project you are planning and how we may assist you in making it successful.